Who we are

For more than half a century, BETHA Zwerenz & Krause has been a successful family business with an established track record in developing property and investing in other companies.

Our firm was founded in Vienna in 1950 under the name Zwerenz & Krause and since 1986 it has been led by Mr Erwin Krause, representing the second generation of the owner family. We have handled property projects worth several hundred million euros in partnership with Austrian and international investors over the past few years.

We see ourselves as the company with the most venerable tradition in the industry and, together with our partners, we are known for our high return on equity, our transparency and our professionalism in meeting international standards.

BETHA Zwerenz & Krause was something of a pioneer in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, a fact that is greatly appreciated by many international partners. The BETHA Zwerenz & Krause Group now boasts an extensive country network in the CEE region that is used exclusively for investments by shareholders and selected financial partners.

Our mission

We embrace a humanistic worldview in the decisions we make, putting people and the planet first. This means we are committed to ensuring fairness, decency and integrity. For us, sustainability means adopting a project culture that takes careful account of the impact our activities will have on people and the planet. We want to make sure that we enhance whatever is entrusted to us, at least in several respects if not in its entirety.

A new era

Now more so than ever before, we see ourselves as facilitators of ideas and opportunities.

To turn these into reality, we need to have a clear view of how projects are being implemented, beyond simply being involved on an operational level. This has given rise to the idea of outsourcing implementation to dedicated investment platforms in the form of joint ventures, with BETHA Zwerenz & Krause acting as the lead founder and co-initiator for each of these companies.

Nearly 100 staff working in specialist teams are now responsible for the projects, which handle property and shareholdings worth some EUR 2 billion in total. This provides the necessary scope for spotting and pursuing new opportunities and ideas and for using our experience and expertise to evaluate and implement them.

In future, the BETHA Zwerenz & Krause Group will be focusing on expanding its portfolio of shareholdings in property and agricultural companies and helping to fund start-ups. In this regard, we believe that investing in innovative, future-oriented content and supporting new ideas are extremely important.