Investment platforms

From a developer to an initiator and founder

Now more so than ever before, we see ourselves as facilitators of ideas and opportunities.

To turn these into reality, we need to have a clear view beyond simply being involved in projects on an operational level. This has given rise to the idea of outsourcing implementation to dedicated investment platforms in the form of joint ventures. BETHA Zwerenz & Krause acts as the lead founder and co-initiator for each of these companies.

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG is a property developer in Central Europe with offices in Vienna, Düsseldorf and Warsaw. The company develops and commercialises real estate projects with a current value of over EUR 1.3 billion. The average investment period for a 6B47 development project is between 36 and 48 months. Current projects include Living Kolin, Althan-Park, ParkFlats 23, Beatrix Spa and Philipp’s in Austria, CASCADA, IN-Tower, Goldstück Pforzheim, Westpark and Green Gate in Germany, and Zyndrama 2.0 in Poland.

Vienna-based INVESTER United Benefits is an independent initiator and manager of property investments and projects, providing all the requisite services from a single source. The company is backed by the many years of experience and proven expertise of its founders, Franz Kollitsch (APM Holding) and Erwin Krause (BETHA Zwerenz & Krause GmbH). INVESTER United Benefits identifies and evaluates sources of potential, launches investments, invests its own funds and takes care of project development right through to the sales stage. Working with strategic financial partners, the people behind INVESTER have brought about projects such as the Vienna Region Fashion Outlets at Parndorf and Freeport, the Hilton Vienna Hotel and, in partnership with IES, the Maritim Hotel and Residences in Amsterdam.

JUVENIA works to join together strips of farmland in Romania so that it can be returned to commercially viable use. Co-owned by BETHA Zwerenz & Krause GmbH and Glatz Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG as well as private investors, JUVENIA combines the strengths of both its main partners: BETHA Zwerenz & Krause GmbH’s local knowledge in terms of Romanian land registry law and development coupled with GLATZ GmbH & Co. KG’s comprehensive farming expertise.